Top 7 Must Read Books About ESP and Psychic Powers

books about psychic powers esp and psychokinesis

What are psychic powers? Do they exist? Are they real? Is it possible to develop them? How do I develop extrasensory perception (ESP)? How can I manifest psychokinesis (PK)?

These are all good questions. And here are my top 7 favorite books about ESP and psychic powers that answer them.

I have included both books that present strong evidence for the reality of ESP and psychic powers, but also how-to books that give excellent guidance about developing psychic powers yourself.

#7 – The Reach of the Mind by J.B. Rhine

Dr. Rhine was the main ESP pioneer, and the Godfather of scientific study of ESP and PK. Bored with botany, he turned his investigations towards the paranormal, which proved to be an exciting and fertile field.

The Reach of the Mind is just such a fascinating read, a true classic in the field. There is so much information in it about ESP experiments, scientific findings, techniques, and more. One of Carl Jung’s favorite books! You may also like JB’s other book, ESP After 60 Years, though this one is more fun to read.

#6 – The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin

It’s really funny how much skeptics hate this book! And with a good reason.

The Conscious Universe shatters the myth that a belief in psychic phenomena is somehow not supported by science. Dr. Radin presents study after study after study that clearly show how ESP and PK are scientifically confirmed phenomena. Any skeptic will have a very difficult time to contend with the conclusive evidence presented in this book!

And fortunately, this is not the only book that Dean wrote about psychic abilities.

#5 – Best Evidence by Michael Schmicker

As if the Dean Radin book was not enough, Michael Schmicker gave birth to this little monster!

Best Evidence is the result of an investigative journalist’s 3 years quest to find and evaluate evidence of psychic powers and phenomena. Thought-provoking and compelling, easily the final nail in the skeptics’ coffin. Riveting read.

#4 – Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP by Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann was a psychic who was employed by the US government as part of the Stargate Project.

Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP is definitely a book written by an ESP insider, not just an academic researcher. It goes a greal deal into how and under what conditions ESP and other psychics powers happen and operate. Very worthwile read. (As are his other books.)

#3 – Inner Vegas by Joe Gallenberger

Dr. Joe tells the story of applying psychokinesis (PK) to craps, in a fashion similar to the Vegas ESP Adventure.

Inner Vegas is a fun read, with lots of tips about practicing PK in a live casino environment. The book shines as Dr. Joe really brings the spiritual dimension into the equation. You may also like his other book, Liquid Luck.

#2 – How to Develop Your ESP Power by Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts hardly needs an introduction to the psychic community, being the channel for none other than Seth.

How to Develop Your ESP Power tells the story of Jane’s own psychic power development, and practical tips on how ‘to do it yourself’. It is not just a great book on ESP, but also a good intro into the Seth Material. You may also enjoy other Seth books, which are all fantastic.

#1 – You Can Be a Psychic by Jordan Day

I wrote this book as a practical manual for developing your own ESP, and it is the best book of its kind!

There are 15 powerful techniques in You Can Be a Psychic that will help you to do just that! But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

You may also like my other books such as Roulette on Fire! – Beat the Wheel Using the Power of ESP.