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Hi, I’m Jordan.

I am an ex-college professor turned author and teacher of personal freedom. In 2014, I got tired of following somebody else’s plan for my life, sold everything I had and moved overseas, following my dream. Since then I have been living around the world in Thailand, Bali, and other awesome places (…if this is possible for me, it is possible for you too).

I created Emopedia to share my spiritual knowledge with others, to grow more myself, and to enjoy this awesome project that enables others to live their dreams too… just the way they want.

The life that we have, we live it only once. So it is extremely important we do it to the FUCKING MAX. To that end, I teach what I call Integrative Wisdom – a set of powerful tools that enable us to reach that potential. Emopedia is a website for the sharing of Integrative Wisdom through publications, media, and connections with others.

If you have a similar vision of life, please drop me a note at and join us!

Have yourself an awesome day!